Angry Gran Run 2

Would you mind traveling around the globe walking or running? And you don’t spend a single coin? Then if you would, why then don’t you dress up like a penguin bird, as you take this trip around the globe, hit the people you meet and steal their belongings including money, note that when doing this global assault you are using a toothbrush. You only have to be keen not to hit a police in angry gran 2, they are contemptible people and they can only stomach when are hit with a Christmas tree.

Angry Gran Run 2

Newspaper vendors, mummies, the famous Italian plumbers are no distractors to care or think of but give run, steal and get angry.

Angry Gran 2 Game Online

That is the gran life in this game. Angry gran 2 has the angriest Granny, also known as the angry Gran around the corner, whose interest is to bust up. The game has great music that will make you feel, you have turned transformed to a hulk and changed back to human. The fun of the game lies in the Angry Gran 2 run. Angry gran run 2 is available online and also computer compatible versions.

In angry gran 2, the idea is similar to the previous versions, but the grandma is now lost in the vast jungles and she desperately needs a way out of this presumed hell. The role of the player is to guide the grandma run, to find her way out. She has the abilities to jump, escape and avoid by all means getting in the hands of the policemen.

Online Angry Gran Run

The navigation of the grandma when playing on a computer is using the z key, while using the mobile, navigation in the angry gran run game, will be by tilting the mobile phone. The player will have to direct the grandma in the path of coins since that’s where she will accomplish her mission of snatch and run while inflicting pain. While using a mobile phone swipe upward to enable the grandma jump, downward for a slide and sideways to take a corner the safari rally style.

Gran Run Game Free

The main highlight is to avoid a getting powder, but the running grandma will throw the craziest things along the path, to examine how you will respond. After the race, a chance to resume and to spend your monetary resources in the in-gape shop. The shop offers the normal power-up batteries and improvements. The coins can also have the multiplier effect, two jumps, resurrection costs and enhancements.

Play Angry Gran 2 Unblocked Game

The grandma is very okay to enjoy her run as long her two feed is provided. Angry gran 2, entices you to have diamond as your source of power and solace after each of your of own downfall or death. If you would not take that, no other option but to take a start from the very beginning. This is to frustrate you and rate yourself a failure. This will be regardless of how many coins you earned yourself, or the number of carpet rides you cheated. The angry gran is more fun running when a sporadic dinosaur appears to castigate some harassment during the run.

How to Play:

Use A and D to change lanes.
Use up arrow key to jump.
Use down arrow key to slide.

Tips and Tricks:

You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
You can play this game in full screen mode.
This game has many achievements and 10 languages for you.

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